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With over 8 years experience in product development and production for export, I have helped hundreds of Australian and New Zealand companies bring their products to market. Nothing is more satisfying to me than working at the forefront of innovation and working with design firms, SMEs and ASX listed companies to materialise life-changing innovations.

Most manufacturing companies and factories both in Australia and in Asia cannot afford to give personalised attention to each individual product and therefore tend to be short-sighted and treat every product the same. More lucrative projects or higher volume orders may be given more attention during the QA process and may be given priority on the shop floor, but these privileges and attention to detail often vanish the next time, when the volumes are a bit smaller.     

Every product is unique and  I strongly believe that they should all be considered holistically. After examining all the technical requirements and validating the enquiry, a brief 10 minute call to find out more about the expectations of the customer can contribute considerably to exceeding customer expectations. Being able to outline a road map for each product can also make it possible to provide feedback that can help shorten time to market and save costs AND time along the way.

In 2019 Pentrigon started a collaboration with brisbane-based company Dragon Metal, which specialises in offshore manufacturing production solutions. Together with Dragon Metal, Pentrigon is able to offer a full turnkey solution to manufacturing problems.

Pentrigon is always excited to explore opportunities and explore collaborations.

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