With over 15 years of experience working with Asia and particularly with China, helping customers develop products and following all steps from the prototyping stage to NPI to mass production, Pentrigon is a valuable source of knowledge and experience. Whether you would simply like to discuss the manufacturability of a part, investigate additional manufacturing processes, or evaluate business opportunities, our consultancy service can help you save a considerable amount of time and money.

Our sourcing service focuses on helping you find the most suitable factories to connect with for your products, and it aims at negotiating the best prices for you while offering repeatability with quality always exceeding your expectations, and ensuring that no corners are ever cut to the detriment of product quality. Sourced products can be items you can’t find in Australia or products you wish to export and/or import, or they could even be items belonging to a larger assembly you are manufacturing.

Pentrigon can also work with you as an external project management team, dealing with suppliers, ensuring that your project remains on track, and removing all the time-consuming processes that are taking you away from the tasks that really add value to your business.



With years of experience working in the manufacturing industry in Asia. Pentrigon offers consulting services tailored to start-ups, engineers, manufacturers and entrepreneurs focused on working across cultures.

Project Management

Free up your valuable time and work on processes that add value to your business. Pentrigon provides frictionless project management, leaving you with just the fun parts.


With a tight network of contacts in every industry, Pentrigon is able to find you almost anything. Do you need to get a particular product from China or are you interested in exporting your products to Asia? We can surely help!

On your team

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